I’ve Grown Into a Yogi

When you think of yoga, there are probably a couple of preconceived notions that come with it. My own transition, on the opposite end, felt quite natural. I have always been athletic and did sports ever since I can remember. Then in my junior year of college, I was introduced to yoga. It was a way of stretching and improving my athletic performance.

As with any other new beginning, it is so important how you are presented with it. Our yogi was one happy man who liked Beyonce’s Irreplaceable for which he never missed a chance to incorporate it into our routines in one way or another.

The whole practice was not so much about yoga itself, as it was about deepening our breathing and sinking into our stretches. It wasn’t until a couple of hours in that I started feeling more flexible and relaxed. I would also like to think that my academic performance improved due to it.

Then, I started to roll the ball and did some research on why I’m feeling a certain way that I did. The “good” old stretches that I always hated so profoundly actually grew on me.

It is the perfect routine you can do on your “days off” or after a draining practice to relax your body, and first and foremost, the mind.

It can also be a way to sort things together such as if you’re dealing with mental issues like anxiety, depression, disorders like the eating kind or even overly healthy lifestyles. Yoga is a practice that balances you wholeheartedly. If some are saying that people who do it should have it all together, here’s the answer to them: no one has life all together. We are all striving to be the best versions of ourselves day in and day out. Yoga studios are actually places where all the “crazies” hang out. It can become a very bonding and connecting venue.

Yoga practices allow yourself, more than anything, to let go of things and reorganize your life in a sense that serves you better.

It is also one practice that accompanies the physical change the most. At least, that’s how it was in my case. I‘ve seen my muscles define like they have never been before.

I’ve also started to challenge myself more mentally. If life doesn’t present a challenge anymore, I don’t want those things. There should always be a way to grow, and if there isn’t one, it’s not worth your time.

I’ve noticed myself being more present and curious, understandable but also forgiving. It is something that I have strived to become all my life but never had the courage to stand up for myself because I was that “nice girl”.

Plus, you don’t really need much time or space to practice yoga. You just need a calm corner and a mat.

I think everything in life happens for a reason and we meet people because we’re meant to meet them. Put yourself out there and let yourself be surprised of what may come out. So, are we saying hello to our beautiful sun together tomorrow with a sun salutation?

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